Bike fitment

A saddle too High or too low, too far forward or too far back ward makes an enormous difference on your ride and which muscles you use. 9 out of 10 commuters I see have completely the wrong set up for them . The same applies to kids bikes but even more so, which are either too small or way too big, not only to efficiently peddle but to safely control.
we are truly passionate about giving advise on sizing especially kids bikes, before you purchase, give us a call and use our free experience to assist in finding the correct bike in your price range. Most bike shops just sell the bike saying they will grow into it as they have ample stock of that size. The truth is , especially if its a cheaper bike, it will have become un rideable in most cases before the child has grown into it correctly.


coming out to adjust your bike to fit correctly

 kids and commuter bike                   £12.00

recreational and race bike                 £15.00

discount provided if multiple bikes in a family are done

In some cases, on more expensive bikes, new stems may be required at additional cost.