Race pre and post prepping.

In 6 years of racing we have personally never had a single issue or breakdown other than a rear derailleur once broken off by a rock on an XCO race.
I will go over it meticulously setting ,adjusting and tightening to correct torque. Once I'm satisfied she gets a good clean and lubrication. Where parts are necessary you will be contacted to confirm before any further work is undertaken.


Race prep-gears set, clean & lube, brake adjust, torque, once over & wash    £45.00

Full race prep- as above plus complete strip and rebuild with new cables.     £110.00

Bleeding hydraulic brakes                                                                                              £20.00

fitting new brake pads                                                                                                     £10.00

Frame swap only                                                                                                               £65.00

excludes new parts supplied by us or provided by the customer